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Balkan and South Slavic Enclaves in Italy: Languages, Dialects and Identities

This volume is a collection of new writings dealing with some of the Balkan linguistic varieties spoken in north-eastern, central and southern Italy. It brings together twenty-two papers, some of which investigate the mutual influences between each of these Balkan and South Slavic language varieties and their neighbouring Italian dialects. Other contributions study common tendencies which do not just pertain to local contacts, but which are of greater significance for the history of linguistic and cultural contacts in Italy. All of the chapters here present new empirical findings and reflect the breadth and diversity of current research in the fields of areal linguistics, language variation, Balkan dialectology, language contact, types of Balkan convergences, types of structure transfers, the borrowing of structural patterns, and directions of grammaticalisation.

Thede Kahl is Professor of South Slavic Studies at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, Germany. He is also a member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, head of the commission Vanishing Languages and Cultural Heritage, and secretary of the Commission for Balkan Linguistics of the International Committee of Slavists. He specialises in endangered dialects of the Balkan peninsula and Asia Minor.

Iliana Krapova is Associate Professor at the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice, Italy, where she teaches Slavic linguistics, Balkan linguistics, and Bulgarian language. She has worked on the syntax of Bulgarian and on various issues in comparative syntax of the Balkan languages.

Giuseppina Turano is Associate Professor of Albanian Language and Literature at the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice, Italy. She has worked on various aspects of the grammar of Albanian and its Arbëresh varieties, and on issues related to the lexicon in translations from Albanian to Italian.

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Ina Arapi

Petya Assenova

Giovanni Belluscio

Walter Breu

Anna Cychnerska

Eda Derhemi

Fotios Dimatis

Lilyana Dimitrova-Todonova

Zlatka Guentchéva

Thede Hahl

Thede Kahl

Artur Karasinski

Marianne Katsoyannou

Krasimira Koleva

Corinna Leschber

Vasilis Messis

Sorin Paliga

Eva-Maria Remberger

Bardh Rugova

Irena Sawicka

Isabella Scwaderer

Christina Vamvouri

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