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Medieval Territories

This volume brings together 18 case studies investigating territory in the Middle Ages from an archaeological perspective. It offers contributions from prestigious professors, such as Flocel Sabaté and Jesús Brufal, and a selected set of young researchers. It promotes new perspectives on territory studies through innovative research methods. The case studies are organized chronologically from the end of the Roman Empire to the end of the Middle Ages, focusing especially on cases in Portugal, Spain and Italy, in order to provide a Mediterranean perspective. The volume explores a range of topics, from aspects of methodological informatics in the valley of Ager in Catalonia, the evolution of prosperous cities in the Middle Ages (such as Braga, Pisa and Milan), the transformation of the early medieval rural space to the long evolution of island territories (Sardinia), and the influence of the military actions, the political power and the religious architecture on the landscape in the Iberian and the Italian Peninsula, among other topics. As such, this publication offers a variety of new insights into the study of medieval territory.

Flocel Sabaté is Professor at the Universitat de Lleida, Spain, and received his Doctor Honoris Causa from the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Argentina. His publications include L’expansió territorial de Catalunya (1996), El territori de la Catalunya medieval (1997), La feudalización de la sociedad catalana (2007), and El fin el mundo y el Nuevo Mundo (2011).

Jesús Brufal is a Lecturer specialized in territorial studies and Muslim archaeology at the Universitat de Lleida, Spain. His publications include Les Ràpites. Proposta de definición conceptual a partir del cas del nord-est peninsular (2007), “Rural Muslim Lleida. Marginalisation or Integration?” in Early Medieval Europe (2011) and El món rural i urbà en la Lleida islámica (s. XI-XII) (2013).

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