Shifting Subjectivities in Contemporary Fiction and Film from Spain

This collection of essays analyzes shifting notions of self as represented in films and novels written and produced in Spain in the twenty-first century. In doing so, the anthology establishes an international dialogue of multicultural perspectives on trends in contemporary Spain, and serves as a useful reference for scholars and students of Spanish literature and cinema. The primary avenues of exploration include representations of recovery in post-crisis Spain, marginalized texts and identities, silenced subjectivities, intersecting relationships, and spaces of desire and control. The individual chapters focus on major events, such as the global economic crisis, the tension between majority and minority cultures within Spain, and the ongoing repercussions of past trauma and historical memory. In doing so, they build upon theories of identity, subjectivity, gender, history, memory, and normativity.

Jennifer Brady is Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies at University of Minnesota Duluth, USA, where she teaches courses in Spanish language, cinema, culture, and literature. She has published fourteen articles and book chapters exploring masculinities, maternity, the body, and life writing in twentieth- and twenty-first-century Spanish literature and film. Most notably, she edited the anthology Collapse, Catastrophe, and Rediscovery: Spain’s Cultural Panorama in the Twenty First Century (2014). She has also published studies on Early Modern, seventeenth-century, and nineteenth-century literary works from Spain.

Meredith L. Jeffers is Assistant Professor of Spanish at the Metropolitan State University of Denver, USA, specializing in twentieth- and twenty-first-century Spanish culture, literature, and film. Her current research examines new pedagogical approaches for incorporating cinema into culture courses and transcription as a rhetorical figure. Her publications include five chapters in critical anthologies, most notably in Indiscreet Fantasies: Iberian Queer Cinema (2018). She has also published reviews in Hispania.

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