Women's Empowerment for Sustainability in Africa

This book uses an open, explorative approach to deal with the different aspects of gender discrimination and gender empowerment policies, as well as their impact on economic development and capacity-building in several African countries. It uses primary and secondary data to present the argument that, without the full input of women, sustainable development will not be achieved in many African countries. This book is the first text written by knowledgeable gender issue experts that understand the culture of, and lived and conducted research in, Africa. It provides many examples of the relationships between gender and economic development around the African continent, highlighting different processes and practices. As such, the contributors here illustrate the impact of weak gender policies, and the ability to adequately develop female capacity building that could lead to wide-spread sustainable economic growth in Africa. They also explore a wide range of new dimensions and variables that are commonly ignored by other text books on gender equality. The book will help graduate, undergraduate students and other readers to understand women’s policies in the past, present, and future by analysing and illustrating cultural, political and socio-historical contexts which have shaped women’s role in the economic and sustainable development of Africa.

Robert Dibie, PhD, is Professor of Public Policy, Public Management and Environmental Studies at Indiana University Kokomo’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs, USA. He has served as a dean and senior higher education administrator for many years, having previously served as Director of Graduate Programmes on Public Administration at Western Kentucky University, USA. He is the author of several books and more than 90 research articles. His latest publications include Business and Government Relations in Africa (2017), Comparative Perspectives on Environmental Policy and Issues (2014), and Public Administration: Analysis, Theories and Application (2014). His research articles have appeared in several peer-reviewed journals, including the International Journal of Public Administration, International Journal of Politics and Development, and the Journal of African Policy Studies. In addition, he has presented more than 120 academic papers at national and international conferences, and currently serves on the editorial advisory board of several journals.

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