The Politics of Nuclear Power in Finland: Trust at the Core?

Through a case study based on original interviews, this book offers an analysis of the invisible bonds of trust that hold a community together, extending the local and national perspective. The case of Finland and nuclear company Fennovoima, first working with the German energy company E.ON, and later with the Russian state-owned company Rosatom, opens a window onto the Finnish culture of trust: what kind of collective belief system lies at the foundation of public life and decision-making in the energy sector? This story can help us look at our own roots and the stories we have grown up with, allowing us to understand ourselves and others as connected to the land, in the current era of a seemingly victorious new world order. Those interested in an in-depth analysis of a Northern political culture and its historical roots should read this book. In fact, anyone interested in current world politics should read this book: it is an eye-opener to what happens in deeper levels of decision-making.

Lotta Inari Lounasmeri is a Finnish social scientist specialized in the study of political culture. She earned her PhD from the University of Helsinki in 2010 and holds an MSc (Econ) from the Helsinki School of Economics. She has worked at the University of Helsinki between 2004 and 2022 as a Researcher, University Lecturer and Master’s Programme Director, receiving the title of Docent in 2019. Her most recent academic home has been the Centre for European Studies in Helsinki (2022). She has published scientific articles in the areas of political communication, political culture and media history in journals such as Journal of Contemporary European Studies, Journalism Practice, Media History and Cold War History, and has written and edited three books in Finnish: On the Trail of the National Culture of Consensus (2010), So We See the Neighbour–Images of Russia (2011), and The Wonder and Power of President Kekkonen (2016).

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