Modelling Experiences of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Ibero-America

This book analyses the threats the COVID-19 pandemic poses and the need for managing healthcare resources carefully. Focusing on the impact Lower and middle-income countries experience due to the lack of medical personal, bed in hospitals and medical supplies.

In the chapters, non-medical researchers together with epidemiologists contribute studies which aim to improve decision making processes when dealing with pandemic dynamics. The book also presents challenging models for post-pandemic studies and the continuation of post-pandemic treatments. This text develops an analysis of COVID-19 data and provides evidence on the increase of social inequalities with Latin American countries, and particularly on the effect of a new medicament in improving the quality of life of recovered patients with lung damage. This book would be of interest to all medical researchers and academics interested in the effects of both the pandemic and post pandemic fallout.

Carlos N. Bouza-Herrera is Professor at Universidad de La Habana, Cuba. He received his BS and MSC in Mathematics and MSc from Universidad de la Habana and a Magister and PhD from the University of Belgrade. He has published more than 250 chapters, as well as 30 edited books and monographs. His main area of research is theoretical statistics and its applications.

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Sira Allende

Gabriela Bayolo Soler

Gemayqzel Bouza-Allende

Carlos N. Bouza-Herrera

Ignacio Caamal Cauich

Ela M. Céspedes Miranda

José Ramón Contreras De La Cruz

María De Lourdes Sandoval

Mercedes Gaitan Angulo

José Félix García-Rodríguez

Rolando J. Garrido García

Manuel Ignaciobalaguera

Ricardo Kalid

Gladys Linares

Luis Rene Marcial

Aymée Marrero Severo

Daniel Menció Padrón

Guadalupe Morales Valenzuela

Pablo Otoniel Juárez Moreno

Lourdes Del C. Pineda Zelaya

Rilton Primo

Anderson Quintero

Marcela Rivera

Roger Rodríguez-Guzmán

Octaviano Juárez Romero

Eutiquio Romero

Paula Daniela Sanchez Ortiz

Juan Manuel Sánchez Rebolledo

Pablo Sosa Pedro

Niurelkis Suárez Castillo

Mir Subzar

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