A Healthy Life on a Healthy Planet: What We, as Individuals, Can Do to Make It Happen

The majority of people are under the impression that pollution affects mostly the environment. Thus, we are mainly concerned with climate change and the disappearance of wildlife. We are convinced that pollution doesn’t affect us as humans. However, the incidence rate of cancer is higher today than in the 1970s and we are witnessing more and more people with neurological, cardiovascular, pulmonary, and developmental diseases. Why is this so?

This book explains how our health is very dependent on the quality of our environment. We are surrounded by a large quantity of foreign chemicals which affect our health. Two of the major contributors to our health are the combustion of carbon fuels and pesticides.

It explains, demystifies and summarizes in a simple and concise manner how these two sources of pollutants affect our body; which pesticides and sources of energy are the most harmful; the possible alternatives; the habits and misconceptions are preventing us from having a healthy environment; and how each of us can contribute in the improvement of our health and, by the same token, our environment.

Danielle Méthot has worked for more than twenty years in the research and development of gas turbine engines. She has a physics degree from McGill University, Canada, and an electrical engineering degree from École Polythechnique de Montréal. She is now a Design Approval Representative of Transport Canada. Her research explores the effects combustion, polluted air, water and food have on our health.

"It is a dangerous illusion to think that the "environment" is somehow separate from us. We suck the atmosphere and all it contains deep into our bodies; we are part of the hydrologic cycle that inflates our cells; we build our bodies from the carcasses of plants and animals we consume; we fuel our energy needs with sunlight captured by photosynthesis. Whatever we do to the biosphere, we do to ourselves, as is so elegantly explained by Danielle Methot in this important book."

David Suzuki Author, The Sacred Balance: Rediscovering Our Place in Nature

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