Diversity Management and Identity in Organisations: From Liminality to Inclusion

This book advances a conceptualisation of gender identity within Diversity Management in organisations that takes into account the linkages between individual and organisational identity, thus moving from liminality, where gender is considered merely as a binary and diversity as something to manage, to inclusion, where diversity means a commitment to supporting a processual way to approach both belongingness and uniqueness within organisation. Through the use of Critical Discourse Analysis, the book investigates a series of UK county-based public and private bodies, combining the analysis of interviews with a set of policy documents. In this way, this contribution explores what challenges Diversity Management in organisations has to cope with, and to what extent the relationship between individual and organisational identity can help us prevent any form of discrimination and foster inclusiveness in organisations.

Davide Bizjak received a PhD in Management from the University of Naples Federico II, Italy, and he is a former Research Trainee at the University of Essex, UK. He is also involved in the activities concerning the partnership between the Centre for Equality and Diversity at the University of Essex and the SInAPSi Centre at the University of Naples Federico II. Rooted in the field of organisational studies, his primary research interests lie in the areas of Diversity Management, Organisational Identity, Critical Management Studies, Arts Organisation, and Arts Entrepreneurship. He has been awarded several prizes and research grants, including Best Reviewer at the EURAM Conference – SIG 01 (Paris 2016) and the STAR – Linea 2 2016 Scholarship, founded by the University of Naples Federico II. He actively serves as a reviewer for several international journals and conferences, and has published extensively on the abovementioned areas both in refereed international journals and edited volumes.

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