Social Justice and Legal Education

Recent years have seen social justice emerge as a powerful driver for work, both in law schools and the legal services sector. However, questions remain about how that term is understood and given meaning within the legal academy and beyond. This edited collection explores the meanings that have emerged and might subsequently be developed, together with a practical exploration of projects that have sought to bring the social justice agenda to life in law schools and in communities around the world.

Over the course of eighteen chapters, this volume engages with a range of social justice and legal education themes, including clinical legal education, innocence projects, access to justice, cause lawyering, LGBTQ identities, and sustainability in law schools. In addition, it also explores themes of ethics and values in contemporary legal education in Africa, Australia, North America, and the UK.

Chris Ashford is Professor of Law and Society at Northumbria University, UK, where he is Director of Research and Innovation at the Law School. He is Editor of the award-winning journal, The Law Teacher: The International Journal of Legal Education, and is on the editorial board of Porn Studies. He is a former Chair of the Association of Law Teachers. A queer theorist, he has published widely on legal education as well as the law and sex(uality).

Paul McKeown is an Associate Professor and Director of the Student Law Office. He qualified as a solicitor in 2005 specialising in social welfare law. He teaches almost exclusively in the law school’s multi-award-winning Student Law Office. He is also a board member of the European Network for Clinical Legal Education (ENCLE). His research interests are in the field of clinical legal education, particularly student motivation and values.

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