Innovations, Technologies and Research in Education

The book includes studies presented at the ATEE Spring Conference 2017 on emerging trends in the use of technology in educational processes, the use of robotics to facilitate the construction of knowledge, how to facilitate learning motivation, transformative learning, and innovative educational solutions. Chapters here are devoted to studies on the didactic aspects of technology usage, how to facilitate learning, and the social aspects affecting acquisition of education, among others.

This volume serves as a basis for further discussions on the development of educational science, on topical research fields and practical challenges. It will be useful to scientists in the educational field who wish to get acquainted with the results of studies conducted in countries around the world on emerging educational issues. Moreover, teachers who need to implement into practice the newest scientific findings and opinions and future teachers who need to acquire new knowledge will also find this book useful.

Professor Linda Daniela is Chair of the Council for Promotion in Pedagogy of the University of Latvia, Head of the Scientific Institute of Pedagogy, and Expert of Education at the Council of Sciences of the Republic of Latvia. Her research interests include: enhanced ICT approaches to teaching and learning, virtual education, smart pedagogy, educational technologies for learning, educational robotics, educational processes, and active citizenship, among others. She is an author and co-author of publications about processes in all dimensions of education, and has been involved in several grants and projects in the fields of education, specifically related to improving the efficiency of teaching and learning across curriculum through the utilisation of sophisticated information and communication technologies.

"The main pitfall that is often encountered in conference proceedings is highly fragmented and poorly organized structure. But that is not the case with this book! [...] the Authors of these chapters present interesting and promising research results on the use of technology not only in the classroom settings, but also in pre-service or in-service teacher education courses, and most of the Authors represent a balanced approach to applying modern technologies in educational process, not only perceiving their (obvious) advantages, but also some limitations, which I think is very valuable. [...] I recommend this book for researchers at various levels who are keen on extending their knowledge on technologies and innovations in education. Furthermore, it would help educational practitioners to understand the role and importance of using technologies or innovative approaches in their workplace settings and contribute to the development of their technology self-efficacy."

Dr Marta Kowalczuk-Walędziak Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, University of Bialystok, Poland

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