Systems Thinking in Medicine and New Drug Discovery: Volume One

Total Quality Management (TQM) and systems thinking are being used to improve all aspects of human health. This first book in a two-volume set details how the healthcare community is working with patients and their caregivers to improve healthcare and reduce its costs. Systems-based thinking encourages us to work together to look at the effects of new drugs on entire systems and not just single molecular targets. It also leads us to a better understanding of genetics and epigenetics, as well as the deep ecology of the human body. The healthcare community is developing targeted therapies that stimulate our own bodies to cure ourselves and eliminate the need for animal testing. This book will appeal to specialists, who will find recommendations on safer materials for 3D bioprinting and ways to analyze dietary supplements for toxic contaminants, and physicians, pharmacists and non-professionals, who will learn the important different ways that dietary supplements and prescription drugs are developed, sold and marketed.

Robert E. Smith received a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Missouri – Kansas City, before going on to hold a post-doctoral fellowship at the ETH-Zürich, Switzerland, in the lab of Pier Luigi Luisi. He has worked for the Midwest Research Institute and Honeywell in Kansas City, where he was trained in Total Quality Management (TQM). He has also served as an Assistant Professor at Park University, USA, and a science advisor for the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for 16 years. His main research interests are analyzing foods and dietary supplements for toxins, as well as developing methods to analyze more foods faster for more pesticides, herbicides, mycotoxins, industrial chemicals, pollutants and toxic metals. He has written over 130 journal articles and book chapters. He has also authored Ion Chromatography Applications (1988); Medicinal Chemistry – Fusion of Traditional and Western Medicine (2013); and Pomegranate: Botany, Postharvest Treatment, Chemical Composition and Health Effects (2014).

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