Language, Media and Economy in Virtual and Real Life: New Perspectives

This volume brings together contributions concerning the relationship between languages and the economy. Paying particular attention to the topic of “names in the economy” this collection opens this relationship to further fields of interest for the study of the role of language (and linguistics) in the economy and that of the economy in the development of languages.

Paola Cotticelli Kurras, PhD, is Full Professor of Historical Linguistics at the University of Verona, Italy. A co-founder of the series “LautschriftSprache” dedicated to historical graphemics and Director of the Centro Linguistico di Ateneo at the University of Verona, her interests cover the history of linguistics, metalanguage, ancient and contemporary Indo-European languages, linguistic typology, and languages and the economy.

Alfredo Rizza, PhD, is a Researcher at the University of Verona, Italy. His research interests are historical and theoretical linguistics, syntax, linguistic anthropology, ancient languages and cultures, and grammatology.

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Dominiu Baumgarten

Angelika Bergien

Daiana Felecan

Fiorenza Fischer

Olena Fomenko

Sergey Goryaev

Oxana Issers

Marja Kalske

Irina Kryukova

Katharina Leibring

Antje Lobin

Lyaysan Makhiyanova

Nhlanhla Mathonsi

Olga Olshvang

Salvita Poseiko

Mariea Rieger

Janne Seppälä

Tatiana Sokolova

Adriana Stoichitoiu

Anna Svediedal

Sabine Wahl

Holger Wochele

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