The Decay of Truth in Education: Implications and Ideas for its Restoration as a Value

Why has the spread of ‘fake news’ taken grip on society so quickly? Why has there been a significant increase in violence among those who disagree on issues? Why is it that increasingly our society is shutting down speech they disagree with rather than engage in civil debate? This book explores each of these issues and traces their connection to the same root cause: the decay of truth in education.

It presents a compelling case that documents how educational institutions and political institutions alike have abandoned truth as a primary virtue. In doing so, our society has waded deeply into an environment loaded with deceit, distraction, and delusion. The targets of this critique range across political, religious, and social groups as this is a societal-level outcome of the educational malaise towards truth. The book underscores topics of practical interest and considers real opportunities for each individual to take to help restore truth as a virtue in education and in society.

Dr Kevin S. Krahenbuhl is Assistant Professor of Education at Middle Tennessee State University, USA, where he is also Interim Director for the Assessment, Learning, and School Improvement EdD Program and collaboratively builds partnerships with school districts to improve student learning. He is the author of three chapters and ten journal articles in peer-reviewed publications, and has also published many editorials and editorial-reviewed contributions to popular and electronic outlets, including the Chronicle of Higher Education. His research interests include cognition in history, technology integration for improving learning, and assessment of learning.

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