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    "This is a great introduction to living with Type 1 diabetes both for healthcare professionals and people living with the condition. It covers all aspects of day-to-day management, including how to get the best out of the latest technology available. [A Guide to Type 1 Diabetes Management, Technology, and Everything Else You Need to Know is an] invaluable book that is highly recommended."

    - Chris Askew OBE, Chief Executive of Diabetes UK

Dietary Induction Models of Nutritional Disorders in Rodents: Bases for Translational Studies

This book addresses one of the most controversial topics in Ethics and Bioethics since the beginning of physiology and comparative anatomy, as viewed from the perspective of experienced researchers in the fields of nutrition, bioethics and translational research. The book provides up-to-date information on dietary induction models of diabetes, obesity, hypertension, dyslipidaemia and malnutrition in experimental animal models, with a focus and direction for future clinical studies in the area of health sciences. It directly describes the importance of pre-clinical studies in the construction of translational research, being useful for academic-scientific institutions, students and health professionals such as nutritionists, doctors, pharmacists, psychologists, and nurses, among others.

Dr Jailane de Souza Aquino holds a bachelor’s in Nutrition, a master’s in Food Science and Technology, and a doctorate in Nutrition. She has experience in functional foods, and in experimentation with rats induced to chronic non-communicable diseases. She is a professor at the Federal University of Paraíba (UFPB), and coordinates the Experimental Nutrition Laboratory (LANEX). She is a member of the International Society for Developmental Origins of Health and Disease and serves as an editor, reviewer and author for scientific journals.

MSc. Naís Lira Soares obtained a bachelor’s in Nutrition, a master’s and doctorate in Nutrition Sciences from UFPB. She has experience in the Experimental Nutrition research line, working with induction of dyslipidaemia, diabetes and obesity, and the gut-brain axis of Wistar rats submitted to intermittent fasting, with publications in high impact journals.

Dr Kamila Sabino Batista obtained a master’s and doctorate in Nutrition Sciences from UFPB. Recently, she has been researching animal models on the effects of fruit and by-products on dyslipidaemia, with publications in high impact journals. She also serves as a reviewer for international journals.

Dr Omar Guzmán-Quevedo obtained a bachelor’s in Pharmacy and a master’s in Experimental Biology from UMSNH. He has a doctorate in in Molecular and Cellular Aspects of Biology from the University of Nantes. He currently works at the National Technological Institute of Mexico (Campus Tacámbaro), where he investigates the mechanisms involved in the hypothalamic alterations associated to diet-induced obesity. He also studies the neural effects of dietary compounds as a strategy to reverse obesity-related hypothalamic damage.

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