Lead-Bismuth-Cooled Fast Reactors

Nuclear power (NP) can bring great benefits to humanity by generating energy without emitting carbon into the environment. To solve the problem of global climate change, the number of nuclear power plants (NPPs) in the world must be much larger than it currently is. However, due to accidents at NPPs, people are in disbelief of NP, which has led to the closure of NPPs in some countries and a slowdown in the development of NP across the world. This tendency can be overcome by creating NPPs with reactors with a high level of inherent self-protection, in which the causes of the most severe accidents are excluded by the laws of nature. These reactors include those with a lead-bismuth eutectic, in which there is no high pressure and no explosive hydrogen is formed. This book brings together articles and reports from Russian specialists devoted to such reactors. It will be of interest to both specialists working in nuclear power engineering and university students.

Georgii I. Toshinskii currently works as Director General Adviser at JSC AKME-engineering, and also part time at the Institute for Physics and Power Engineering. His work, in the past, was devoted to the study of nuclear reactors cooled by lead-bismuth eutectic (LBE) for nuclear submarines, and he took part in the testing of those reactors. He is currently working on the development of the reactor SVBR-100, a multi-purpose modular fast reactor with LBE for civilian nuclear power.

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Alexander Dedul

Yury Dragunov

Vladimir Eliseev

Oleg Grigoriev

Sergey Grigoriev

Andrey Gulevich

Dmitry Klinov

Oleg Komlev

Alexey Kondaurov

Kirill Melnikov

Vladimir Petrochenko

Ivan Tormyshev

Georgii I. Toshinskii

Vladimir Troyanov

Alexandr Tuzov

Anatoly Zrodnikov

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