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Hollinghurst, Camp and Closet

This volume analyses the terms “camp” and “the closet” in Alan Hollinghurst’s fiction, since all four of his novels – The Swimming-Pool Library (1988), The Folding Star (1993), The Spell (1998), and The Line of Beauty (2004) – investigate the gay male experience throughout the late-twentieth century. The book analyses these terms in Hollinghurst’s work in order to find out whether the author writes from the margin or from the centre to recreate the origin. Gay subjectivities are of great concern to this study, though it is not a product of identity politics, given the latter’s propensity to re-establish the binary structure of the Western thought. As such, this book explores how Hollinghurst, by camping and closeting the gay male, re-produces homosexuality as a distinct identity with a subculture of its own.

Serkan Ertin is an Assistant Professor of English Literature and he is currently teaching undergraduate and graduate courses on literary criticism, philosophy, gender studies, drama and postmodernism in the English Language and Literature programmes at Kocaeli University. He received his DPhil degree in English Literature from Middle East Technical University, Turkey, in 2012 with a dissertation entitled “Perpetuation of the Gay Male Stereotype: A Study on Camping and Closeting the Gay Male Subculture in Hollinghurst’s Fiction”. His research interests lie in a wide range of topics, though his principal research field is gender studies and sexualities. His publications include articles and book chapters on psychology and drama, gender, marginalised sexualities, heteronormativity, and queer theory.

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