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Proceedings of the 2nd Biennial South African Conference on Spirituality and Healthcare

Illness causes an existential crisis for people as it confronts them with the fragility, vulnerability and finitude of the human condition. Serious illness and hospitalisation can be challenging and life-changing experiences, especially in a context with poor resources and limited support. Healthcare workers meet patients in this space of disarray. Human qualities, such as faith, hope and compassion become crucial aspects of care. Patients’ responses to these qualities highlight the importance of spirituality as part of holistic care, not only for the patients and their families, but also for the healthcare worker. The 2nd Biennial South African Conference on Spirituality and Healthcare brought together leading experts from different disciplines, and offered a variety of perspectives to explore the ways in which spirituality interacts with healing, growth and wholeness in healthcare. This volume addresses principles and practices for spirituality and healthcare, spiritual assessment, the role of community psychology, models of spiritual care, volunteers and children’s spirituality in healthcare.

Dr André de la Porte is a Lecturer and Research Fellow at the Centre for Contextual Ministry at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, where he coordinates the research programme on spirituality and healthcare. He has written and published on clinical spiritual care and counselling, spirituality and HIV/AIDS and trauma counselling.

Professor Nicolene Joubert is a psychologist, Lecturer and President of the Association for Christian Counsellors in South Africa. Her research covers the integration of theology and psychology and spirituality’s enhancement of the psychotherapeutic process. She has published on topics such as spirituality and mental health, cultural trauma and dissociative disorders.

Dr Annemarie Oberholzer developed a model for the facilitation of support to empower the child in healthcare as part of her doctorate in Professional Nursing Science. She is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Christian Spirituality at the University of South Africa. Her research focuses on the spiritual support of children in healthcare.

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