Language beyond the Classroom: A Guide to Community-Based Learning for World Language Programs

Language beyond the Classroom is an edited volume of essays that offers detailed, how-to guides for developing, implementing, and evaluating service-learning programs for a variety of languages. Contributions here present civic-engagement programs for several languages, including French, German, Russian, and Spanish, with curricula that can be adapted to any language program. The authors of each essay engage with the growing pedagogical emphasis on experiential learning, providing theoretical and practical advice, including syllabi, for language educators. Language beyond the Classroom is a timely exploration of the variety and richness of service-learning in language instruction, and contributes to a 21st-century emphasis on community engagement and cultural contextualization in second-language pedagogy.

Jann Purdy, PhD, is Associate Professor of French and Chair of International Studies at Pacific University of Oregon, USA. She has developed civic-engagement courses and projects for Pacific University’s Department of World Languages and Literatures, as well as intercultural communication courses for International Studies. She has presented on and chaired several panels on the topic of civic engagement in language programs at numerous conferences, and has mentored undergraduate students for conference presentations on the same topic. Professor Purdy received Pacific University’s Engaged Faculty Award in 2013 and continues to promote service-learning in all disciplines of the university.

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Anna Alsufieva

Andrew Blick

Dominique Butler-Borruat

Christine Coleman Núñez

William Comer

Kirsten Drickey

Amy George

Delphine Gras

Jessica Haefner

Angelika Kraemer

Irène Lucia Delaney

Kyle Patrick Williams

Alexandra Reuber

Teresa Satterfield Linares

Theresa Schenker

Stephanie Stokamer

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