Art as Adventure: Going Beyond

This volume represents a collection of six essays written by artists and art historians about journeys to places and methods of practice that challenge perceived taxonomies. The artist as traveler has deep historical precedents as contemporary art production today, and has historically followed political, economic, and cultural expansion. The role of the artist as witness, reporter, geographer, collector, and educator exemplifies the significance of mobility, geographic and cultural mediation in the productions of art and visual culture, and the critical questions raised as a result.

The book encompasses a variety of perspectives on how artist-travelers have embraced and contextualized the places, people, cultures and overall experiences encountered on their journeys. Each chapter unveils different and unique approaches which artists have taken in reacting and creating as part of a journey in which they are often the outsiders to the culture and place. Visual mappings conveying geo-locative walking data, recreations of indigenous ritual as installation, participatory video installations uncovering community perspectives, and a reflective diary about walking across lands affected by natural disaster are some of the ways these artists and historians examine the experiences the artists have encountered abroad. Each piece is completely unique, yet united in the act of journey and pursuit of alternative narrative born of the experience.

James P. Werner is Assistant Professor of Media Arts at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, USA, where he holds a dual placement in the Art and Design Department and in the Science, Technology and Society program (STS). His research focuses on contemporary art practices involving new media participation, and the evolution of the gallery and museum through media collaborations. He is the author of numerous journal articles and book chapters on new media in fine art, including “Post media awareness and the evolution of the art museum” in Techno-Ecologies II: Acoustic Space #12 (2014). His artwork is exhibited nationally and internationally.

Rosemary O’Neill is Associate Professor of Art History at Parsons School of Design at The New School, USA. She is the author of Art and Visual Culture on the French Riviera, 1956-1971 (2012), and the book chapters, “La Cédille qui Sourit: Aesthetic Research under the ‘sign of humor’” (2012), “Ecole de Nice: Action Artistique et bonne humeur” (2010) and “Le ‘naturalisme intégral’ de Pierre Restany: la perception disciplinée et la dématérialisation de l’objet,” in Le Demi-Siècle de Pierre Restany (2009). She has contributed to several museum catalogues including Posco Art Museum, Seoul, Corcoran Museum of Art, Washington, DC, South Bank Center, London, and Musée d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain, Nice.

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