A Journey into the Human Experience of Incurable Disease: From Hope to Healing

A Journey into the Human Experience of Incurable Disease: From Hope to Healing

Incurable disease is a natural phenomenon, inherent to the human condition. This book critically investigates the uniquely human experience of and response to illness and treatment, which affects the body, the mind, and the very core of human existence and identity. Uncertainties regarding the outcomes of laboratory and other investigations that aid in the diagnosis and assessment of disease exacerbate the apprehension inherent to the diagnosis of incurable disease. An excessively scientific approach may disregard the suffering patient. The book begins by analysing the nature, meaning and significance of hope in the context of disease, and goes on to reflect on the language of medicine and the role of emotion, ideology and politics in disease treatment and research. The epilogue reflects on healing as distinct from physical cures. Without hope, there is no future; without healing, no holistic recovery. The final chapters are devoted to the end-of-life period of this journey.

This book is a revision, extension, and reconceptualization of the original Afrikaans publication Hoop, Heling en Harmonie: Dink Nuut Oor Siekte en Genesing, winner of the 2021 Andrew Murray Prize for Theological Publications.

Malcolm de Roubaix is a retired anaesthesiologist with doctorates in medicine and applied ethics (bioethics). He has published more than thirty peer-reviewed articles in journals of philosophy, applied ethics medical law, and medicine. He has written three book chapters and two books, including Hoop, Heling en Harmonie: Dink nuut oor siekte en genesing, written in his home language, Afrikaans, which won the 2021 Andrew Murray Book Prize. Cambridge Scholars published his book Responsible Reproductive Choice in the 21st Century in 2023. Amongst others, he has chaired a research ethics committee of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Stellenbosch, and is currently a Research Fellow of the Centre for Applied Ethics at the university’s Department of Philosophy.

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