A Professional's Guide to Understanding Trauma and Loss

A Professional's Guide to Understanding Trauma and Loss

The purpose of this book is to provide vital information regarding loss and trauma to practicing counselors and therapists. Trauma and loss are pervasive presenting problems, many counselors and therapists possess scant understanding of trauma and loss, and little, if any, attention is paid to trauma or to loss in the graduate training of clinical psychology and counseling psychology students. The book is organized into four sections which cover: an overview of loss and trauma, key conceptual frameworks for understanding loss and trauma, review of several types of events producing trauma and loss, and interventions addressing loss and trauma. A key contribution of the book is the focus on losses caused by death and losses due to other reasons. The contributions to practice include the overview of what is known about trauma and about loss; examination of several frameworks for organizing both understanding of and working with traumatized and bereaved clients; rich descriptive cases of individuals coping with various traumatic events and the losses embedded in the trauma; and presentation of various interventions, including changes that can be made in the graduate education of practitioners.

David E. Balk, PhD, Professor Emeritus at Brooklyn College, directed graduate studies in thanatology and served two terms as Chair of the Department of Health and Nutrition Sciences. He wrote Helping the Bereaved College Student; and Living, Dying, Death, and Bereavement: Conversations with Thanatologists.

Janet R. Balk, MA, Director of the Ft. Riley Military Academic Programs for Barton Community College, has also served as Academic Programs Coordinator for Barton Community College, Fort Riley Campus. For Brooklyn College, she developed an online version of an undergraduate course titled “Human Encounters with Death and Bereavement.”

Tracy Wong, MPH, PhD, Associate Professor in Brooklyn College’s Department of Health and Nutrition Sciences, directs graduate studies in thanatology. She created undergraduate degree programs leading to a baccalaureate specialization in thanatology. Her work has been funded by the National Institute of Child and Human Development, the National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities, and the NSF.

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