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Lessons in Practical Clinical and Operative Surgery: A Collection from Over Three Decades

This book dives into the world of surgery and medicine through the eyes of Salah Abbas, a Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgeon. Using his own life as a case study for medicine and its trials and tribulations, this work discusses essential topics such as; the influence of global regimes on medical professionals, the difficulties and uncertainties that surgeons encounter on a daily basis to make a decision, act on it and accept the consequences and the effects of emigration on the professionals themselves. This publication would be of interest to an array of professionals interested in understanding more about individual influences on surgical professionals as well as those in the history of Salah Abbas himself.

Dr Salah M. Abbas is a consultant surgeon at Geelong University Hospital, Australia, as well as an Associate Professor at Deakin University. He studied medicine in Iraq at Baghdad University. Dr Abbas has been practising surgery for over three decades, he began his career in Baghdad before moving to Yemen, eventually moving to New Zealand and was trained there in general surgery. He moved to Australia in 2009 and was trained in Liver and pancreas surgery in Sydney. His success is testament to his resilience, having being born in poverty in Iraq, living through four wars and overwhelming loss as a result. He is currently practicing Hepatobiliary and pancreatic Surgery, supervises surgical trainees and teaches surgery at Deakin University.

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