A History of Police Reform in England and Wales: 300 Years of Reforming the Police

A History of Police Reform in England and Wales: 300 Years of Reforming the Police

This book provides a comprehensive history of police reform, charting its history from its origins in the early 18th century to the most recent examples in the 21st century of the Labour, Coalition and Conservative governments. Each key reform programme is explored in the social, political, and intellectual context of its time, how the necessary legislation was passed, how each programme was implemented, and what its legacy has been. This is the first study that concentrates on the key reforms that shaped the modern police service, their enduring legacies, and their underlying flaws. It is an essential read for police historians, criminologists, police academics, policy makers, and everyone interested in police history.

Dr Timothy Brain was chief constable of Gloucestershire from 2001–10, having previously served in several other forces. He is now a police historian, lecturer, broadcaster, and author. He graduated with first class honours in history from University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, in 1975, and later was awarded his PhD in history. He is the author of many articles and of two major works on policing, A History of Policing in England and Wales from 1974 (2010) and A Future for Policing (2013), as well as a contributory author to other major works on contemporary policing and police history.

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