Intersections of the Global and the Local in Slovak Immigrant Communities in Britain

This book contributes to immigration studies by analysing aspects of class, religion, and ethnicity in British education policies which serve as a framework in which Slovak immigrant children seek integration in the UK. There are very few books which deal with Slovak immigration at all – available literature mostly concentrates on quantitative analysis and hardly goes beyond the presentation of sheer numbers by emphasizing economic factors in Slovak immigration. This book, however, looks at the phenomenon of immigration through a different lens by comparing the Slovak and British understanding of class, religion, and ethnicity and investigates how these cultural phenomena interact with and influence integration of Slovaks through education. This book broadens discourse on Slovak immigration, incorporating methods of research from the cultural studies repertoire complemented with the results of a small-scale case-study.

Július Rozenfeld is a researcher, lecturer, and educator at the Department of British and American studies of the Faculty of Arts of Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice (Slovakia). He specializes in cultural studies and his interest lies in the political and social processes that accompany contemporary culture. He is especially engaged in understanding how ethnic identity relates to class, race, religion, and education. Recently, he has been studying Slovak immigrant communities in The UK and investigated how their integration is supported or hampered by the British social, cultural, and legal environment.

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