Bourdieu's Theory of Economic Practice and Organisational Modelling

This book is unique because it is the first single-author monograph which applies Bourdieu’s theory to management studies. It takes a theory-driven approach to develop models to describe service innovation. This will give the reader a full understanding of the variety of different theoretical concepts that Bourdieu created and used and how they can be applied to the study of management and innovation. Moreover, it is also the only book that links Bourdieu’s theory to his methodological approach, providing the reader with a toolkit of methods to perform business ethnographies according to Bourdieu’s approach.

The book acts as a primer for anyone wanting to learn how to model an organisational system from a Bourdieusian perspective. It contains all the information someone might need to begin to go out in the field and collect data. Consequently, the people that might want to read this publication include post-graduate students looking to learn business anthropology, as well as post-doctoral and other early career researchers.

Dr John Tredinnick-Rowe gained his PhD with joint honours from the University of Exeter Business School and Peninsula Medical School in 2015. He currently works as a Senior Research Fellow in complex interventions. He has extensive business and academic experience, having managed and founded commercial entities. He is the director-owner of a SaaS firm focusing on innovation, commercialisation and knowledge exchange for clinical companies. His academic interests centre on theory development and mixed methods applied research. In 2022, he was the recipient of the Lord David Owen prize.

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