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Precarity in Culture: Precarious Lives, Uncertain Futures

The present state of research in precarity demands meta-questions and hence we need to probe both philosophy and practice in light of precarity’s different manifestations. The plural perspectives by which this phenomenon can be addressed also suggest potential for further theorization alongside that of Butler and her critics. By inviting scholars and experts from different fields and disciplines, and by applying multiple frameworks, methodological approaches, and critical lenses, this volume seeks to explore the different facets of our precarious world, while providing insights into the challenges of our possible futures.

Elisabetta Marino is Associate Professor English literature and the Head of “Asia and the West”, an international research center based at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. She is the author of four monographs, and between 2001 and 2022 she edited/co-edited eleven collections of essays and a Special Forum of Journal of Transnational American Studies, dedicated to Sau-Ling C. Wong (2012). She has published extensively on the English Romantic writers (especially Mary Shelley and P.B. Shelley), Indian diasporic literature, travel literature, and Italian American literature.

Bootheina Majoul is Associate Professor of English Literature at the High Institute of Languages of Tunis (ISLT), University of Carthage. She holds an MA in Cross Cultural Poetics (University of Carthage) and a PhD in English Literature (University of Manouba). She has published two books, edited/co-edited six volumes and is the author of several academic articles and collections of poems.

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Esterino Adami

Emmanouil Aretoulakis

Olga Bandrovska

Ilias Ben Mna

Lobna Ben Salem

Alice Borrego

Teresa Botelho

Giovanna Buonanno

Alessandro Campus

Mehmet Ali Celikel

Mehmet Ali Çelikel

Sorin Ciutacu

Carmen Concilio

Alessandra Consolaro

Roger Davis

Carla Francellini

Bennett Yu-hsiang Fu

Carla Fusco

Tabish Khair

Elvira Lozupone

Bootheina Majoul

C. Bruna Mancini

Elisabetta Marino

John McLeod

Susana Nicolas Roma

Alessia Polatti

Salvatore Proietti

Angela Sileo

Sabrina Vellucci

Alessandro Vescovi

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