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Japanese Calligraphy as a Way to Make the Invisible Visible

The book is an academic work addressed to beginners in the study of the Japanese language, literature and art, as well as to those fascinated by Japanese culture or by the secrets of Japanese calligraphy in particular. The book combines, in an exciting and unique way, a theoretical analysis with the practice of calligraphy. In short, the book highlights the ‘process of becoming’ on the path of Japanese calligraphy, harmoniously reuniting the perspective of an external, distant, abstract view, with a subjective, practical, internal one. Because the author studied this art under the guidance of Japanese masters, the book also contains the author’s Japanese calligraphy works. Today, in the digital age, this book on Japanese calligraphy emphasizes the creative synergy of handwriting, through which the calm swiftness of the brush movement in a moment of concentration, attention and freedom, reveals a contemplative mental act. The book is, eventually, an inner journey on the path of Japanese calligraphy, as it combines the practice and theory of calligraphic art, rediscovering handwriting through the reveries of the calligraphy brush in the contemporary digital age: writing by painting and painting by writing.

Dr Rodica Frentiu is currently a professor at Babes-Bolyai University, Romania, in the Department of Asian Languages and Literatures. She has published over one hundred publications in the fields of Japanese poetics, cultural semiotics and Japanese calligraphy, such as Intellectual Conscience and Self-Cultivation (shūyō) as Imperatives in Japan’s Modernization: Mori Ōgai, Youth (2016). She has presented personal and collective exhibitions of Japanese calligraphy in both Romania and Japan (at such venues as the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art in 2002; The Japan Foundation in 2007; the Embassy of Romania to Japan in 2015). She was awarded with the Gold Prize at the first International Japanese Calligraphy Exhibition (at the Yasuda Women’s University in Hiroshima, Japan, in 2016, in the Brush Writing Section) and the Platinum Prize at an event called Connect the World (as part of the International Japanese Calligraphy Exhibition, Global Shodo @ Yasuda in Hiroshima, Japan, in 2017, in the Character Design Section).

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