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The Emergence and Future of Health Tourism in the Asia Pacific Region

This important book examines the management of healthcare tourism in the Asia Pacific Region. Its main focus is South Asia, an under-researched part of the region, but it does not neglect the rest of the region or its networks with other regions. The book uncovers the significant roles played by the sociological, physiological, psychological, and economic aspects of healthcare tourism. This compilation of conceptual and empirical research findings from diverse socio-economic and environmental settings in the developing Asia Pacific Region will enable the reader to triangulate the application of sustainable practices in global and local healthcare, while showing the importance of the travel factor in its development. Regardless of the impact of disasters such as the COVD-19 pandemic, healthcare tourism is here to stay in a region that has magnificent attractions, good health infrastructure, and the traditional medicine teachings that have been gifted from unique ancient cultures.

Emeritus Professor Dr Malcolm Cooper taught at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan from 2003-2022. His research interests include health and wellness and community-based tourism. He is a Fellow of the Planning Institute of Australia and has published over 170 books and papers.

Dr Athula Gnanapala is Dean of the Faculty of Management Studies at Sabaragamuwa University, Sri Lanka. He has published 90 books and papers on consumer behaviour in tourism, travel motivation and satisfaction, sustainable tourism development, and destination management and marketing.

Dr M.S.M Aslam is Professor of Tourism Management at Sabaragamuwa University, Sri Lanka. He has published over 50 articles and edited books. He is also an advisor, consultant, resource person, and trainer for international non-governmental organizations.

Dr Iraj Ratnayake is Professor of Tourism Management at Sabaragamuwa University, Sri Lanka, engaged in research on special interest tourism and tourism planning in developing countries. He also researches tourism information systems, health and wellness tourism, community tourism, and regional development. He has published more than 40 papers.

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Md. Istiak Ahammed

Sarath Ananda A

Mohammed Aslam

David Bamber

Malcolm Cooper

Sakila Dharmapala

E. M. H. L. Ekanayake

Sabeeha Fatma

Athula Gnanapala

Mahesh Hapugoda

Keiko Hori

Md Ismil Hossain

N. Janadari

R. Jayasinghe

Pubudu Karunarathne

Mohammad Rashed Khan

Shaheed Khan

Upul Lekamge

Dang Thi Nhu Y

Roshan Panditharathna

T. S. S. Perera

R. M. P. S. Rathnayaka

Iraj Ratnayake

G. R. S. R. C. Samaraweera

Sivesan Sivanandamoorthy

Anoja Thiranagamage

Kazem Vafadari-Mehrizi

Harindi Warusamanna

N. Arya Wijeratne

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