Planetary Astrophysics

This comprehensive but concise textbook explains the variety of physical processes governing the formation, evolution and properties of planetary systems. Designed for readers with undergraduate backgrounds in physics, astronomy, and planetary science, it describes the key aspects in the field and the theory is carefully developed from first principles. It begins with a description of the main features of known planetary systems and of our current understanding of their formation, before moving on to the theory of non-gravitational forces involved in the evolution of planets and to the explanation of their magnetic fields. The book also covers the main aspects of planetary dynamics and concludes by introducing the fluid-dynamics concepts needed to illustrate the evolution of circumstellar disks and their interaction with planets.

Francesco Marzari is Professor of Physics at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Padova, Italy. He is author of more than 280 scientific papers and chapters in review and textbooks. His research focuses on planet formation and evolution. He is involved in space missions like PLATO, CHEOPS, JUICE, Bepi Colombo, ROSETTA and CASSINI. Asteroid 7640 was officially named 'Marzari' in recognition of his contribution to planetary science.

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