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Vortex Structures in Planetary Plasma Wakes

This book observes features in the solar wind interaction with planetary ionospheres (Venus, Mars and comets) that reveal the existence of phenomena similar to those known in fluid dynamics. Those observations are related to concepts in geophysics and astronomy, and are derived from applying the available information to the known interpretation of equivalent problems. Such is the case for predicting the existence of the solar wind as a continuum flow through the solar system, and which leads to vortex structures that are formed in planetary plasma wakes. Those features reveal an outstanding property that could also be produced under similar circumstances in more distant astronomical environments: the interaction of stellar winds with the ionosphere of exoplanets. This may even be related to streaming flows with vortex structures in other astrophysical problems.

Dr. H. Pérez-de-Tejada is a graduate of the National University of México (UNAM) and obtained his doctorate at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado. He has produced over 100 publications related to the interaction of the solar wind with planetary ionospheres (Venus, Mars, and comets) and analyzed information obtained from various spacecrafts that advocate for the use of viscous transport of the solar wind momentum, which is necessary to account for a plasma transition present in planetary ionosheaths. In the analysis of the plasma data of the Pioneer Venus Orbit (PVO), he identified the existence of plasma vortices that stream along the Venus wake, and that have now been examined in recent publications. He was a guest investigator in NASA’s PVO project, and participated in the data analysis of the Venus spacecraft of the European Space Agency (ESA).

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