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Dark Heritage Tourism in the Iberian Peninsula: Memories of Tragedy and Death

This book seeks to offer a collection of relevant essays dealing with different aspects of dark tourism sites in the Iberian Peninsula, delving into issues related to shared attitudes in the face of death and suffering. Thus, all the chapters explore the ideological readings that may turn dark sites into places of dissonant heritage, and therefore make them meaningful elements in the formation of collective identities. Illustrating the multidisciplinary potential of dark tourism studies, the contributors come from different fields of study, including historiography, literary studies, sociology.

This collection reflects on how tourism managers, researchers, academics, policy makers and local communities can mobilize, transition and adapt to cultural tourism fluctuations, as well as mitigate the negative impacts of global crises. It also provides examples of tourist practices which, despite their local scope, have a strong potential impact on collective and social levels, as well as on business and multiple fields of study, research and education.

Sara Cerqueira Pascoal is an Associate Professor at the Porto Accounting and Business School (ISCAP-P.PORTO). She has a PhD in Romanic Languages and Cultures. She is a researcher and member of the Scientific Board of the Research Centre for Intercultural Studies (CEI). Her research interests focus on Literary Geography, Geocriticism and Literary Tourism.

Laura Tallone is an Associate Professor at the Porto Accounting and Business School (ISCAP-P.PORTO) and a member of the Direction Board of the Master’s in Specialized Translation and Interpreting (MTIE). She is a member of Research Centre for Intercultural Studies (CEI). She has authored several publications on heritage and has edited two books on translation teaching.

Marco Furtado has a PhD Degree in Interpreting Studies from University of Vigo, Spain. He is an Associate Professor at the Porto Accounting and Business School (ISCAP-P.PORTO). His research work is mainly focused on Intercultural and Interpreting Studies. He leads the Research Line in “Intercultural Studies in Business” of ISCAP-P.PORTO’s Research Centre for Intercultural Studies (CEI).

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Pedro Andrade

Rita Baleiro

Víctor Calderón-Fajardo

Adriana Coelho-Florent

Bárbara de Sá

Dilge Erdener-Kildir

Inês Rainho Fonseca

Marco Furtado

José Carlos Loureiro

Maria José Marques

Rita Mota

Ricardo Oliveira

Sara Cerqueira Pascoal

Maria Inês Pinto

Sílvia Quinteiro

Marco Sousa Santos

Isabel de Nunes Seabra

Ana Filipa Silva

Laura Tallone

Vitor Teixeira

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