Practices in Intercultural Language Teaching and Learning

This volume responds to the growing need for intercultural approaches to teaching and learning languages. The central premise is that the aim of intercultural language teaching and learning is to foster effective communication and effective learning in spaces between cultures in order to prepare learners for global citizenship, but that the corresponding models and methods must emerge from the bottom-up in order to meet the needs of each unique context. The book offers a collection of successful experiences rooted in praxis. It shares the activities, methods, models, and approaches which have been developed within specific contexts. Thus, it offers an example of how to adopt an “intercultural perspective” in teaching and learning. The editors and contributors share the conviction that the experiences detailed here can be informative to the realities of all readers in the same way that their own practices have been informed by others.

Michael Joseph Ennis, PhD is the Didactic and Scientific Coordinator for the English Language at the Language Centre at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy, where he teaches a variety of English language courses, including intensive and extensive General English courses, Business English courses, and examination preparation courses. He has taught English and German language and culture at universities in the USA, Germany, and Italy, and he has published and given numerous conference presentations and teacher training workshops on his interests in cultural studies, English for Specific Purposes, motivation, and intercultural language teaching, among other topics.

Catherine Elizabeth Riley, MA teaches at the University of Trento Postgraduate School of International Studies, Italy, where she is Head of Foreign Languages. She has taken part in several EU projects, the latest of which was “Intl-Uni: The Challenges of the Multilingual Multicultural Learning Space in the International University”. A member of the Language Centre Board, she was responsible for all English language teaching at the University of Trento for 10 years until June 2015, when she was appointed a member of the University of Trento Quality Assurance and Enhancement Committee, where she is responsible in particular for teaching and learning training projects across the university. She is the author of About English: An Introduction to English Language (2004), now in its 5th reprint.

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