Systemic Actions in Complex Scenarios

What is the contribution of General System Theory to the macro-level understanding of economic, social and technological changes in our epoch from a multidimensional perspective? What is the contribution of Social Action Theory on a micro-scale? Can complex scenario analyses, although based upon uncertainty and unpredictability, offer a viable toolkit for managing these transformations?

This book contains twelve chapters, dealing with these questions from various points of view. It brings together essays in sociology, economics, law and humanities to provide as complete a representation as possible of the current global situation.

The theoretical framework adopted here is that the systemic approach provides the most effective tool both for understanding social phenomena and elaborating policy-modelling strategies for decision makers that are supposed to tackle social criticalities.

This book is part of a series. View the full series, "World Complexity Science Academy Book Series", here.

Edit Fabó is a librarian at the University Library of Eötvös Lo-ránd University, Hungary. She holds a doctoral degree in the field of Cultural History.

Emilia Ferone is a Postdoctoral Researcher in Social Sciences at Gabriele D’Annunzio University of Chieti-Pescara, Italy, and the general manager of the World Complexity Science Acade-my. Her publications include four books, and numerous journal articles.

James Ming Chen is an attorney and Professor of Law with extensive experience in the law of regulated industries, economics, and regulatory policy. He holds the Justin Smith Morrill Chair in Law at Michigan State University College of Law, USA, and is of counsel to the Technology Law Group, USA. In November 2012, National Jurist magazine named him one of the 25 most influential people in legal education.

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