Self-Presentation and Identity in the Roman World

Questions on identity have been often the main focus of Classical Studies. The starting point of this book is that identity is not a monolithic idea. Instead of exploring what exactly ‘identity’ is, the contributors here examine how the concept of ‘self-presentation’ can facilitate our understanding of how individuals present their identities. Moreover, the interpretation of the means and character of this self-presentation itself enables more general conclusions to be drawn. Topics covered in this volume include identities shaped through the self-presentation of authors in Latin literature, and explorations on epigraphy and historical analyses. Overall, using the theme of self-presentation, the contributors offer a glimpse into various subjects and suggest new ways for students and scholars to approach the different forms of individual and communal identities.

Andreas Gavrielatos is a Teaching Fellow at the University of Edinburgh, UK, having received his PhD from the University of Leeds, UK, in 2013 with a thesis examining the effects of bilingualism on the names of Gallo-Roman terra sigillata potters (1st–3rd c. AD). He is currently working on similar topics, with a special focus on Roman onomastics and how personal names reflect cultural and language contacts. His other interests include Latin literature, especially that of Silver Age. He is an Executive Member of the American Name Society.

"The volume should be applauded for integrating chapters on sets of evidence that often belong to disciplinary silos.... [R]eaders interested in particular authorial voices or traces of individuality in patterned epigraphic practices (to name just two possibilities) will find relevant chapters very approachable and thought-provoking."

Eliza Gettel Harvard University The Classical Review, 68:1 (2017)

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