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Challenges in Global Learning: Dealing with Education Issues from an International Perspective

This volume offers a wide range of approaches for framing and addressing issues which currently shape global education. The discussions here are constructed around four research themes which reflect current strategic research priorities in Australian education. Together, they form a more rounded framework for approaching and evaluating educational changes and developments.

The collection is made up of collaborative research that emerged between researchers and Master’s coursework students in the Department of Education at Charles Darwin University, Australia.

The original approach this collaboration of research adopted was developed in response to the challenges currently being experienced by higher education institutions both in Australia and around the world, which are now redesigning research and coursework programmes to address the quality of the services that they provide. This book will appeal to educators, researchers and postgraduate students.

Dr Ania Lian is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education at Charles Darwin University, Australia, and Vice President for Research and Innovation at the Asia Association for Computer-Assisted Language Learning. Dr Lian publishes in the areas of technology and language education and quality assurance.

Professor Peter Kell is Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Law, Education, Business and the Arts at Charles Darwin University, Australia. His research interests include the internationalisation of education and training.

Dr Paul Black is an Honorary Fellow in the School of Education at Charles Darwin University, Australia, having retired as a Senior Lecturer in 2015. As a linguist, he has continued his studies of Australian Indigenous languages, becoming increasingly active in areas of applied and educational linguistics.

Professor Koo Yew Lie is Adjunct Professor at the Graduate International Centre of Education at the School of Education at Charles Darwin University, Australia. She is also an Honorary Professorial Associate at the Faculty of Languages and Cultures, SOAS, University of London, UK. She researches, teaches and publishes in the areas of language, culture and literacy in multilingual environments.

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