Reflective Development through the Care Model: Empowering Teachers of English as a Foreign Language

The capacity to reflect – individually and with others – is considered valuable in teacher professional development internationally. In the field of Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language, reflective practice has been deemed to be a precious tool at the pre-service level and in the ongoing development of teachers. Despite the importance of teacher reflection, the field of Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Higher Education has tended to overlook this topic and especially its collaborative and emotional elements. This book proposes a new and practical model for engaging teachers in transformational learning through an ‘emotionalized’ version of reflection. More specifically, the Collaborative, Appreciative, Reflective Enquiry (CARE) model represents a guide for teachers who wish to engage in reflective practice alone and with others in an appreciative context. As such, this book will be invaluable to in-service language teachers and teacher educators who are committed to realizing their potential as educators and human beings through growth that only emancipatory reflection and positive emotionality can bring.

Dr Niki Christodoulou is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Languages and Literature at the University of Nicosia, Cyprus. For the last three decades, she has dedicated her love of education and teaching to the field of English as a Second and Foreign Language. Early in her career, Niki taught English as a Second Language at the high school level in the US, where she was also a school coordinator in charge of developing the English as a Second Language curriculum. Since then, she has been teaching English as a Foreign Language, as well as teacher education courses, at the university level in Cyprus. Her research interests lie in the areas of reflection, reflective practice, reflective mentoring, reflective teaching, teacher education and training, teacher autonomy, and teacher empowerment. She holds BA and MA degrees from the American University, Washington DC, and an EdD from the University of Nottingham, UK. Niki is also a Certified Life Coach, Certified Neuro-Linguistic (NLP) Coach and Certified NLP Practitioner.

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