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    "[Genetically Modified Organisms: A Scientific-Political Dialogue on a Meaningless Meme is] presents the debate associated with introducing GMOs as a traditional debate between science and progress against dogma. After reading it, I hope that science will win for the sake of all of us."

    - Professor David Zilberman, University of California at Berkeley

Science Fiction beyond Borders

Since the turn of the previous century, science fiction and its native tropes have been used by authors, artists, filmmakers and critics in order to challenge boundaries – whether these be conceptual, literary or metaphorical. Uniquely inherent to the genre is its ability to explore, as a form of thought experiment, different ways of crossing and subverting borders previously thought to be inviolable; these transgressions and their effects on popular culture have in turn led to an increased presence of science fiction studies in academia.

This volume features papers presented at the 2014 and 2015 Science Fiction Symposia, held at Tel-Aviv University. These essays, submitted by an eclectic mix of scholars from different disciplines, institutes and walks of life, demonstrate the diversity and adaptability of science fiction as a tool for asking – and answering – impossible questions.

Having just completed his doctoral thesis at Tel-Aviv University, Israel, Shawn Edrei continues to pursue research in the field of interactive narratology and authorial agency in digital humanities. A Junior Lecturer at the Department of English and American Studies of Tel-Aviv University, teaching courses on superheroes in American mythology and narratology in the digital age, he recently published his first collection of short stories, Visits to Aisling Glen.

Danielle Gurevitch has been an ethnologist at Bar-Ilan University (BIU), Israel, since 2003. Over the years, she has held various executive positions in promoting international academia (research and teaching) on a global level, including the establishment and development of the Multidisciplinary Studies track at BIU. Danielle currently serves as the Director of Global Affairs, Asia Division at the office of the Vice President for Research. Her academic fields of interest include the history of ideas, ethnology and fantasy literature, and she has organized 16 international academic conferences, in addition to participating in and chairing nine national committees at the Israeli Council of Higher Education.

"Without question, this volume showcases some truly valuable insights into the field, form, and media of sf [...] the collection is a rich repository of perspectives, methodologies, forms, and subject matters, and a worthy contribution to the field."

Keren Omry, University of Haifa Science Fiction Studies 45 (2018)

Vyatcheslav Bart

Ulrike Goldenblatt

Elana Gomel

Danielle Gurevitch

Anat Karolin

Naomi Michalowicz

Hila Peleg

Avital Pilpel

Moriel Ram

Razi Zeidan

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