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    "[Genetically Modified Organisms: A Scientific-Political Dialogue on a Meaningless Meme is] presents the debate associated with introducing GMOs as a traditional debate between science and progress against dogma. After reading it, I hope that science will win for the sake of all of us."

    - Professor David Zilberman, University of California at Berkeley

Rethinking Social Issues in Education for the 21st Century: UK Perspectives on International Concerns

This book revisits key social issues and controversies in education. There are many social issues currently on political and governmental agendas, both in the UK and other countries – from safeguarding, childhood obesity, bullying and mental health, through to widening participation. Some of these issues relate to children and young people and are of concern to those working and researching in education, while others relate to Higher Education. The boundaries between the academic disciplines of politics, sociology, economics, psychology and education are porous. The contributions here illustrate how common interests and collaboration can assist in our understanding of complex social issues, the evaluation of current governmental responses, and the promotion of ideas about the way forward into the 21st century.

Dr Wendy Sims-Schouten is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education and Childhood Studies at the University of Portsmouth, UK, where she specialises in research on mental health and wellbeing in childhood and education. Wendy has published in the areas of early years education, bullying, resilience and childhood obesity, and stigmas and labels. In addition, she has presented her work at several national and international conferences, invited lectures and research seminars, and panel discussions. Current projects include research on mental health and wellbeing of young care leavers, mental health literacy of HE students, and issues around (cyber-)bullying, resilience and wellbeing.

Dr Sylvia Horton is an Honorary Principal Lecturer in the University of Portsmouth, UK. Her academic interests are in public policy and leadership and human resources management, fields in which she has published widely with both British and international academics. Her current research interests are in comparative education, specifically the training and development of Nigerian head teachers.

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