Language for Specific Purposes: Research and Translation across Cultures and Media

This volume brings together work by both well-known scholars and emerging researchers in the various areas of Language for Specific Purposes (LSP), such as political, legal, medical, and business discourse. The volume is divided into three parts in order to align rather than separate three different but related aspects of LSP: namely, translation, linguistic research, and domain specific communication on the web. Underlying all the contributions here is the growing awareness of the ever-increasing multiformity of specialised communication and the ever-wider social implications of the communicative situations in which it is embedded, especially where it involves the need to move across languages, cultures and modes, as in translation and interpreting. The contributions consistently bear witness to the need to review received notions, pose new questions, and explore fresh perspectives. The picture that emerges is one of extreme complexity, in which researchers into specifically linguistic aspects of LSPs and their translation across languages and media declare their awareness of the pressing need to come to terms with a wide range of social, pragmatic, intercultural and political factors, above and beyond socio-technical knowledge of the domains under investigation.

Giuliana Elena Garzone is Full Professor of English, Linguistics and Translation at the Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy, where she directs the PhD programme in Linguistic, Literary and Intercultural Studies. Her research interests are mainly in English for Specific Purposes, particularly legal, scientific and corporate communication. She is the author and editor of over twenty books, and has published over a hundred book chapters and journal articles. She is Editor-in Chief of the journal Languages Culture Mediation and sits on the advisory board of various international journals, including the Journal of Multicultural Discourses.

Dermot Heaney holds a doctorate from University College Cork of the National University of Ireland. He has taught at the University of Bologna, Italy, and held the post of tenured researcher at the University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’, Italy. He is currently an Assistant Professor in English, Linguistics and Translation at Milan University, Italy. His research interests and publications focus on translation, conventional metaphor, multilingualism in sports media interactions, and discursive identity construction, particularly in the field of sport. His most recent publications are on humour in online sports coverage and in comedy about sensitive social categories.

Giorgia Riboni holds a PhD in English Studies and is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Milan, Italy. Her main research interests lie in Internet genres and web-mediated communication platforms such as blogs and microblogs. Her research is characterised by a methodological approach based on discourse analysis, often integrated with corpus linguistics. Her publications include Nuovi media e discorso politico. I blog nelle elezioni presidenziali americane [New Media and Political Discourse: Blogs in US Presidential Elections] (2014).

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Caterina Allais

James Archibald

Marina Bondi

Emanuele Brambilla

Chiara Degano

Laura Di Ferrante

Jan Engberg

Isabel Garcia-Izquierdo

Giuliana Garzone

Walter Giordano

Liana Goletiani

Kim Grego

Dermot Heaney

Denise Milizia

Maria Cristina Paganoni

Sergio Pizziconi

Gorgia Riboni

Cinzia Spinzi

Alessandra Vicentini

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