Art and Book: Illustration and Innovation

Art has been as significant as text in the history of book design and production. This collection of papers examines the place of illustration and innovation, both conceptual and technical, in the relation of image to text in books of the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, both in Europe and that outreach of European culture in the Pacific, New Zealand. Topics of the papers range from the work of Marcel Duchamp and Kazimir Malevich to the design of multimodal books and the early development of 3D printing.

Peter Stupples was Associate Professor of Art History and Theory at the University of Otago, New Zealand, and is currently a Senior Lecturer at the Dunedin School of Art, New Zealand, where he has organised a series of annual symposia, including “Art and Book” (2014). He is a social historian of art and the author of several books, many of them related to the history of the Russian avant-garde 1890–1930.

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Michael Hamblyn

Lesley Kaiser

Monica Lausch

Peter Stupples

Richard Thomson

Noel Waite

Marion Wassenaar

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