Literary Madness in British, Postcolonial, and Bedouin Women's Writing

This book considers the ways in which madness has been portrayed in writing by women writers. It readdresses the madwoman trope, opening up multiple sites of literary madness, examining places and spaces outside of the ‘madwoman in the attic.’ In particular, a transnational approach sets itself up against a Eurocentric approach to literary madness. Women novelists from the Brontës to the Indian writer Arundhati Roy and Arab writers Fadia Faqir and Miral al-Tahawy interrogate patriarchal societies and oppressive cultures. Female characters who suffer from madness are strikingly similar in their revolutionary subversion of patriarchal environments.

Shahd Alshammari is Assistant Professor of English literature at the Gulf University of Science and Technology, Kuwait. She specializes in disability studies, madness in literature, and Arab women’s writing. She is the International Editor of the journal Considering Disability.

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