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(Per)Forming Art: Performance as Research in Contemporary Artworks

The acts of composing and performing are central processes to the formation of a musical work. Performance is a medium through which music is formed. It is a significant part of a work’s compositional process and, as such, forms a symbiotic relationship with the act of composing. An iterative cycle between performance and composition comes about when the composer performs their own work or composes through performance. Performance in this manner can be seen as a form of practice-based research that can guide the compositional process.

Primarily engaging with music of the twentieth- and twenty-first centuries, (Per)Forming Art: Performance as Research in Contemporary Artworks focuses on performance as a type of compositional technique and as a mode of practice-based research for the act of composing a work. It addresses how performance and composition are reciprocally entwined and what role this hermeneutic relationship plays in creative practice today. This publication is the work of multiple authors from academic institutions around the world; each approaches the topic “(Per)Forming Art” from their own perspective. As such, the contents of this book will appeal to a variety of academic interests pertaining to various “styles,” traditions and cultures, all of which are unified by the relationship between performance and composition.

Alannah Marie Halay is an academic researcher, composer and sound artist who specialises in the avant-garde. She is the founder of the (Per)Forming Art Symposium, and is currently completing her PhD in Composition at the University of Leeds. Alannah has lectured in Composition, Counterpoint, and Musicology, and is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Her music has been performed in Denmark, England, the Netherlands, and Poland. In 2015, she was the winner of the “Yorkshire Young Sinfonia Composition Competition” in England, and her composition Parallax Error (2014) for any four-string bowed instrument was selected for the Gaudeamus Muziekweek Academy in the Netherlands.

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Michael Athinson

Jacopo Gianninoto

Alannah Marie Halay

Maria Kallionpaa

Adilia Yip

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