A Far Light: A Reading of Beowulf

This book presents the complete Old English text of Beowulf, the most celebrated poem of the Anglo-Saxon era, in short sections followed by verse translations and extensive commentaries. Above all, it makes the anonymous poet’s extraordinary literary achievement accessible to interested modern readers who are not familiar with the language he employs with such uncanny power.

Robert DiNapoli has lectured on English-language poetry of all periods at universities in North America, England and Australia. His lecturing and writing have focused primarily on Old and Middle English poetry, and he has published articles and essays in a number of journals, including English Studies, Neophilologus, PN Review and Arena Magazine. He now works as a freelance writer and lecturer and is the founder and principal tutor of The Melbourne Literature Seminars (www.themelbourneliteratureseminars.com.au).

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Release Date: 9th September 2016

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