The Pariah in Contemporary Society: A Black Sheep or a Prodigal Child?

Being the ugly duckling in a family or the pariah in a society amounts to living in marked and implicit difference, indifference, or even cruelty.

The research to which this book is dedicated articulates the concept of the “pariah,” and it is through the various filters mentioned above that it proceeds to its analysis. Besides these, it also studies the notion of the “pariah” using the different strata that make up human society, such as literature. The book also presents the perceptions of lexicologists and psychologists, because behind the word there is the object, which is understood differently by the human psyche because it is included in value systems varying from one sociocultural group to another.

Marcienne Martin holds a PhD in Language Sciences and is Associate Researcher at the Oracle Laboratory at the University of Reunion Island. She is the author of a number of books, including Le pseudonyme sur Internet, une nomination située au carrefour de l’anonymat et de la sphère privée (2006), Le langage sur l’Internet, un savoir-faire ancien numérisé (2007), Des humains quasi objets et des objets quasi humains (2009), Voix ferrées par l’ombre (2009), Dictionnaire des pictogrammes numériques et du lexique en usage sur Internet et sur les téléphones portable (2010), De la communication à travers langue et univers médiatiques (2011), Se nommer pour exister – L’exemple du pseudonyme sur Internet (2012), and Mots et fictions (2014). She has lectured on onomastics and ICT in Europe, Canada, and the USA, and has written articles related to these research areas.

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