Competing on Talent in Today's Business World: A Blueprint for New Ways of Hiring

It is currently an exciting time for organizations with regard to the recruitment of talent. The business and organizational pressures for finding and hiring the best people could not be greater. Recruitment has not changed as a process—a vacancy still needs a suitable hire. However, the landscape, tools, technologies, behaviors and expectations regarding how an organization approaches sourcing and acquiring talent are changing rapidly. This book chronicles one organization’s journey as it goes about re-orienting the focus of its talent acquisition capability from the current reactive process to a strategic and proactive program capable of consistently sourcing and recruiting the very best people available. Forward-looking companies are seizing this opportunity to create a true competitive advantage in talent sourcing and acquisition. They are focusing on fine-tuning the fundamentals, while devoting increased time and planning to the more strategic areas of talent acquisition, including workforce planning and strategic sourcing. Their best-in-class approaches elevate recruitment from a transactional, short-term focused activity to a strategic, integrated, long-term approach that optimizes their investments in people.

This book articulates both the challenges and the response options that confront organizations as they compete for talent in this fast-changing business climate. The initial sections here provide a macro view on the changing work landscape and how recent trends and developments around technology and innovation are impacting the discipline of Talent Acquisition. The book is designed as a running case study profiling the best practices in recruiting. Drawing on both primary and secondary research, it adapts and learns from the best practices of high-impact business functions, such as a lean supply chain, analytics, process re-engineering, sales and marketing, and discusses the leading academics and practitioners in this regard. As such, this book will elevate awareness and discourse on the topic, and will help concretize a roadmap for organizations looking to revisit and re-invent their talent acquisition philosophies and practices as they compete for talent in today’s world.

An Engineering Graduate from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India, Pradeep Sahay holds a Master’s in Management from the Asian Institute of Management, Manila, Philippines. He is currently Director of Talent Management at a niche open-source IT solutions company. His leadership experience includes managing talent acquisition and business HR remits in both large corporate and professional services work settings, including start-up ecosystems. He has previously held executive roles as Vice-President and Head of HR at Srei BNP Paribas, and as Group Head of Talent Acquisition at the Ramky group. He is the author of A Strategic Approach to Talent Acquisition.

“Every once in a while, there comes along a book that can bust the age-old paradigms and chart new paths. Competing on Talent in Today’s Business World by Pradeep Sahay is one such. It draws from decades of experience of the author and marries it to best practice structures drawn from diverse management principles and methodologies such as Lean and Six Sigma, among others, enveloped by Design Thinking. While doing so, it elevates Talent Acquisition from a staff function laying by the wayside in most organizations to a focal process that meshes with their strategic imperatives. Written in a very interesting combination of concept and case, the book brings forth the vital role of leadership to embrace uncertainty, in the context of the strategy, structure and processes of TA right from the identification of talent to bringing it home. Instead of glossing over practical aspects of conflicts arising from differing perspectives and agendas in an organization, it leads us to reflect on how to address these issues and align on hiring talent that serves overall organizational interests rather than showcasing individual competence. This book is not only meant for practicing recruiters or HR managers, but also for the top management of firms who correctly believe that people are the greatest regenerative resource and that direction setting and policy frameworks must start at the highest level as far as TA is concerned. It is also a must-read for HR consultants, as well as students not only of HR, but also of strategy and operations. To say that this book approaches seminality would not be an exaggeration. In a world where wisdom comes from sifting through oceans of information and disinformation, Pradeep effectively guides us to make a distinction between the two and open doors for introspection and action.”
Prasun Chowdhury
Director, Avenir

"Pradeep has brought a quantitative focus to the qualitative churning happening in the ever dynamic space of talent acquisition. I think it may snowball and pave the way to a paradigm shift. Evidence-based hiring is not an an alien concept. The term describes something people always do, which is basing decisions on information, but doing more of it, doing it better, and doing it critically. It can be seen as common sense but the more you dig into it, the more you see it is a completely new paradigm."

Rajendra S Bisht Ascent Techno People, India

"Pradeep Sahay’s book is the foundation for potential professionals to make a mark in Talent Acquisition. Both the science and art of hiring have been dealt with very meticulously. Enormous research has gone into collating hundreds of papers and articles from across the world to authenticate the findings, and hundreds of tables and visual aids help the reader to assimilate the theory effectively. There is also an amazing range of templates that help us to get to the “Why” and figure out the “What” and “How”. It is surely a textbook that ought to find its way into the best educational institutes – and hungry organisations – and ought to be a handbook that every TA professional can regularly refresh her/himself with."

Achyut Menon Options Executive Search Pvt Ltd

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