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Late-Victorian Heroic Lives in the Writings of Frank Mundell

This study explores the work of Frank Mundell, a late-Victorian author for the Sunday School Union. Mundell focused on heroism and represented various kinds of heroic deeds and figures, regardless of gender, in his books. Writing for educative, as well as entertaining, purposes, he avoided the use of didacticism and he endeavoured to combine the traditional and the modern in the stories he chose to tell.

Mundell’s favourite format was that of the prosopography, putting together several heroic lives or incidents. He was careful to dedicate each of his volumes to one topic in particular, thus distinguishing the different types of heroic deeds from one another. His writings belong to four series, or collections, each highlighting a specific version of heroism, from instances of the mundane performed in a familial context to extraordinary deeds. He wrote about such bold acts as those featuring in the stories of brave firemen fighting devouring flames, fearless sailors in tempestuous seas, determined miners risking their lives to save their comrades, or intrepid explorers facing perils in the wide world.

This book analyses each of his publications, highlighting the elements belonging to his representation of heroism as a whole.

Moniez Baptiste completed his PhD at Canterbury Christ Church University, UK. He is currently writing articles and papers on gender studies, life writing studies, children’s literature, Victorian studies, heroism, and missionaries.

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