Forensic Communication in Theory and Practice: A Study of Discourse Analysis and Transcription

This edited collection brings together, for the first time, contributions from different context-language situations on forensic communication, combining theoretical and methodological studies with professional and technical capabilities.

In this sense, academic and applied researches in forensic communication represent the scientific starting point of this book, which particularly investigates forensic discourse analysis and transcription of oral data. It makes use of variety of different approaches, including institutional interactions, the analysis of voice, discourse devices, and transcription methods.

The book will appeal primarily to scholars in sociolinguistics and neighbouring disciplines within the social sciences which are interested in language, discourse studies, speaker recognition, transcription and research into aspects of forensic communication in late modernity.

Franca Orletti is Full Professor of Linguistics in the Department of Human Studies at the University of Roma Tre, Italy. Her research focuses on sociolinguistics, applied linguistics, discourse analysis and linguistic pragmatics.

Laura Mariottini is Adjunct Professor of Spanish Language and Translation in the Department of Political Sciences of the University La Sapienza of Rome, Italy. Her research interests and outcomes are concentrated in three areas of Spanish linguistics, namely interactional pragmatics, Spanish for Specific Purposes, and discourse analysis.

"The book’s emphasis on idiolect as individual’s gradual and operational language variation through accumulative ways of meaning making within specific social cultural contexts, both provides readers with a convenient theoretical tool for forensic transcription, authentication and discourse analysis, and helps readers realize the complexity of forensic communication that necessitates the dialectical integration of different perspectives, paradigms, tools and approaches. [...] The book will be a useful resource for a variety of readers, including both researchers and practitioners who are interested in the theory and practice of forensic communication."

Renhua Wang, Nanjing Institute of Technology, China Discourse Studies 20/5 (2008)

Jordi Cicres Bosch

Juana Gil Fernández

Marta Biagini

Luigi Bovio

Antonio Briz Gómez

Stefano Delfino

Giuseppe Feliciani

Marianela Fernández Trinidad

Claudio Fusco

María García Antuña

Mirko Grimaldi

Patricia Infante Ríos

Rossella Iovino

Elena López-Navarro Vidal

José María Lahoz-Bengoechea

Franca Orletti

Luciano Romito

Francesco Sigona

Giovanni Tessitore

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