Artificial Intelligence Multiomics in Precision Oncology

Artificial Intelligence Multiomics in Precision Oncology

Advances in next-generation technology (NGS) coupled with a deep understanding of cancer biology have promoted the rational design of target therapy towards precision oncology. Artificial Intelligence (AI)-integrated machine learning techniques are also increasingly used today to tackle the challenges of scalability and high dimensionality data and to transform multiomics data into clinically actionable knowledge. AI tools are used to support clinical decision making and improve clinical efficiency, while delivering safe and high value care. This book provides comprehensive analysis of such techniques and advancements of AI-based clinical cancer research in the improvement of cancer prognosis and diagnosis, resulting in enhanced prediction rates and survival of cancer patients.

Dr Ruby Srivastava is a Principal Investigator at the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad. In addition to authoring a number of articles and 10 book chapters, she has served as the editor of a number of books. Her expertise includes computational studies on material sciences and biological sciences, while her current research interests include multiomics studies, drug discovery, drug repurposing and antibody drug conjugates in precision oncology.

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