On Trauma and Traumatic Memory

On Trauma and Traumatic Memory focuses on the role of writing to preserve memories, to excavate traumas and to heal the ever-present scars of the past. The first part of the book focuses on trauma recalled through films, fiction and documentaries. The second chapter is devoted to analysing trauma in fiction, while the third deals with trauma in poetry. The topic of trauma is of interest to scholars across the globe, both students and professors, and is taught in almost all universities. This volume gathers research papers from different universities around the world, including India, Italy, Tunisia and the USA.

Dr Bootheina Majoul is an Assistant Professor of English Literature at the High Institute of Applied Languages and Computer Sciences of Béjà (ISLAIB) at the University of Jendouba, Tunisia. She is the author of Doris Lessing: Poetics of Being and Time (2016) and several academic articles and five collections of poems. She is an active member of the research unit “Languages and Cultural Forms” (ISLT, University of Carthage).

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Ritwik Balo

Sarra Balti

Argha Banerjee

Mongia Besbes

Emna Chaibi

Kylo-Patrick Hart

Bootheina Majoul

Susan Munson

Chiara Polli

Jimmy Worthy II

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