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Indian Ocean Futures: Communities, Sustainability and Security

Rapid change in trade, demographics, culture and environment around the Indian Ocean demands a revaluation of how communities, sustainability and security are constituted in this globally strategically important region.

Indian Ocean Futures: Communities, Sustainability and Security raises awareness of threats and opportunities beyond popular notions of communities through an examination of issues of concern to local, national, regional and transnational communities around the Indian Ocean Rim.

This edited book is organized into three broad areas: the heritage and identity of communities, their sustainability and their security. The first section examines how heritage and identity are negotiated in establishing the basis of communities and public discussion of their futures. The second part explores different practices, technologies and communities of sustainability; from technologies being developed for sustainable coastal regions to the adoption of traditional practices for food management. The final section canvasses the changing landscapes and seascapes of the Indian Ocean in relation to the broad concerns of food, environmental and political security.

As such, this volume offers the reader valuable engagement with the complex relations of communities and environments and key discourses shaping understandings of the future of the Indian Ocean region.

Thor Kerr is a Lecturer in the Department of Communication and Cultural Studies in Curtin University’s School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts, Australia. His research focuses on media and public representation in negotiations of urban space, particularly in relation to green built environments and Aboriginal heritage.

John Stephens is a Professor of Architecture in the School of Built Environment at Curtin University, Australia. His major research focus includes architectural history, culture and place making with specific focus on war commemoration and cultural heritage.

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